2016 Perfexion

“Xperience Perfection™”. Our motto is embodied in this bow. The perfect combination of speed, brace height, and overall length make a bow that can dominate on the target line and still provide the necessary stored energy, portability, and light weight for a trip to the tree stand or mountain top. Archers with draw lengths all the way out to 32.5” will find the Perfexion the essential “all purpose” bow.

Axle to Axle36″ +/- .250″
IBO Speed337
Brace Height7.125″ +/- .125″
Draw Weight50, 60, 65, 70
Approx. Weight4.15 lbs
Draw Length PX²27.5″ – 29.5″
Draw Length XS30″ – 32.5″
DL AdjustmentModular* ( 0.5″ Increments) No Bow Press Required
Let Off80% Adjustable
Std Riser FinishXtra, Black, Max-1, DefCon™ Blue, DefCon™ Red, DefCon™ Green, DefCon™ Purple, DefCon™ Magenta
Std Limb FinishXtra, Black, Max-1, DefCon™
Special Order Riser FinishRealtree Snow, Realtree Black, Gloss Black
Special Order FinishRealtree Snow, Realtree Black