2016 Xcentric SD

Before the introduction of the Xcentric SD many short draw archers were forced to accept bows with low draw weights and components designed to appease entry-level shooters. The Xcentric SD was designed from the start to be an industry leader in a short draw performance bow. For any archer ranging from 25” to 26.5” in draw length and from 40-70 pound draw weights, the Xcentric SD defines short draw performance.

Axle to Axle32.62″ +/- .125″
IBO Speed314 fps @ 26.5″DL 70# 350gr
Brace Height6″ +/- .125″
Draw Weight40, 50, 60, 65, 70
Approx. Weight3.9 lbs
Draw Length25″ – 26.5″
DL AdjustmentModular (0.5″ Increments) No Bow Press Required
Let Off80% Adjustable
Std Riser FinishBlack, Xtra, Max-1
Std Limb FinishBlack, Xtra, Max-1, DefCon™
Special Order Riser FinishRealtree Snow, Realtree Black, DefCon™ Red, DefCon™ Blue, DefCon Green, DefCon™ Purple, DefCon™ Magenta, Gloss Black
Special Order Limb FinishRealtree Snow, Realtree Black