The Perfexion XL target bow comes with the PXT hybrid cam, designed by the most prolific cam designer in modern history, Kevin Strother.

The PXT dual limb stop hybrid cam has:

  • Unprecedented 6” of draw length adjustment on one base cam
  • 1/2” modular draw adjustment
  • Xpedition signature adjustability

The Perfexion XL is fast enough for 3D with an 8”+ brace height. The bow has a smooth draw that target archers require at the range. The Perfexion XL’s rigid riser defies flex and recovers with consistency. Engineered and assembled to make scores climb and X rings easier to hit!

IBO320 fps
Weight4.3 lbs
Axle-to-Axle38″ +/- .250″
Brace Height8.125″ +/- .125″
Draw Weight40, 50, 60, 65, 70
Draw LengthsPXT Cam 24.5”-30.5”
Draw Length AdjustmentModular (.5” Incr.) *No bow press required
Let Off80% Adj.
Standard Riser FinishesPatriot Red, Nuclear Green, Lights Out Black, Renegade Purple, Liberty White, Valor Blue