Axcel Landslyde Slider Sight

Axcel Landslyde Slider Sight

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The AXCEL® Landslyde Slider Sight is designed with various features that make it a perfect hunting sight. One of the most significant features of this sight is the Rapid Adjust Knob and Quick Release mechanism that allows sliding the sight up and down effortlessly along precision-made gear teeth that operate silently. By pushing the Rapid Adjust Knob in, the Quick Release is activated, which enables rapid up and down movements. Alternatively, turning the Knob allows for fine-tuned yardage settings with precision.

The windage travel on the sight's super-precise dovetail bar has been extended and strengthened by the designers, and all settings on the Landslyde can be secured with an individual windage adjustment lock and an adjustable elevation lock. Additionally, an adjustable dead stop allows for quick access to 20 yards or any other yardage setting, and the sight's Two Individually Adjustable Pointers provide a quick reference for multi-pin scope usage or a single pin with the top of the level vial as a second aiming point. This feature is especially beneficial when the target is moving closer or farther away.

The Double-Sided Metal Sight Tapes on this sight are extremely durable and surpass the effectiveness of stickers that can peel or wear in extreme environments. Each sight includes 8 metal tapes with 16 scales. The sight's first, second, and third axis adjustments are all independently adjustable, just like the Gold Medal-winning tournament sights.

The AXCEL® Landslyde Slider Sight is made in the USA with the high quality that customers have come to expect.
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