Tight Spot™ Shift Lock Quiver

Tight Spot™ Shift Lock Quiver


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The world’s most adjustable 1-piece quiver for the perfect customized fit. The triple axis adjustment (in/out, up/down, and forward/back) allows a full range of adjustability.

TELESCOPING ROD LENGTH: Adjustable from 13 1/4" to 22". Allows the user to adjust the overall length of their quiver to get the proper fit for their arrows and move your hood up and down for better balance.
SECOND ARROW GRIPPER: Allows the user to hold arrows and broadheads tighter and more reliably.
LARGE HOOD DESIGN: The larger hood design will accommodate longer and wider broadheads.
PREMIUM MATERIALS: Aluminum and woven carbon fiber for weight reduction and maximum durability.
BUILT IN QUIVER HANGER: Allows the user to remove their quiver from the bow and hang it on a hook or limb while hunting.
QUICK DETACH: Allows the user to remove the quiver from the bow quickly and quietly.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Allows you to rotate the quiver forward or back to fine tune bow balance.
ADJUSTABLE ARROW WEDGES: Allows the user to adjust the tension in which the arrow is held.
OVERSIZED DOVETAIL RAIL MOUNT: Allows the user to slide the quiver in and out to fine-tune balance and eliminate side torque.
WEIGHT: 13.8 oz.

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