2023 Editors Pick
Best Bow of the Year

Our team's relentless pursuit to produce the leading premium hunting bow has been validated. We are excited to announce that the Xlite 33 was just awarded the "Field & Stream 2023 Editor's Pick - Bow of the Year" Award! It's humbling to hear that this unsolicited honor was unanimous.

Xlite™ by Xpedition

Xlite 31

Xlite 33

Ultra-Light Weight
Magnite Riser

The Difference Lies in the Details. The Xlite features the longest, most stable shooting riser platform in Xpedition history. Made from proprietary Magnite material used in the defense and aerospace industries, the Xlite riser provides everything an archer looks for - Lighter and tighter tolerances than the hand laid or molded carbon while simultaneously being stronger and stiffer than aluminum to allow for less flex and increase downrange accuracy.

  • Improved Grip Geometry for increased comfort and consistent hand placement shot after shot
  • OEM mounting holes to accomodate the Hamskea Epsilon Arrow Rest with C.O.R. TM (Center-Shot Optimized Rest) mounting system
  • Two rest mounting holes to ensure zero rest movement
  • Triangular mounting holes for Xpedition 1 and 2-piece quivers
  • PeeWee and Flex Doinker dampners to vanquish residual vibration and noise
  • Upper and Lower front stabilizer mounting holes and a rear stabilizer mounting hole for optimum customization of balance

Super strong, tight tolerances, ultra-light weight, and vibration vanquishing.

Silky Smooth
XB1 Cam System

Draw more, feel less. This year Xpedition set out to design a cam that is easy to adjust, easy to tune, and easy to shoot. Our first ever dual cam system, the XB1 cam, does just that. The XB-1 cam features easy to adjust rotating mods and screw in dual cable stops engineered to provide the rock-solid back wall that Xpedition has always been known for. Combined with a silky-smooth effortless draw cycle, the XB-1 cam is sure to be a fan favorite.

  • Two module system designed for optimal performance at all draw lengths
  • Strategically positioned dual cable stops for a rock-solid back wall
  • Durable Cerakote Finish

Silky Smooth draw paired with a rock-solid back wall!

Strings and Cables

ABB Platinum String and Cables: Top of the line strings for a top-of-the-line bow. The Best of the Best. A top-of-the-line bow should come with top-of-the-line strings.  New for this year, we offer the Xlite series with America's Best Bowstrings Platinum Series strings. These have been the most stable strings and cables we have worked with, eliminating peep twist, creep, stretch, and serving separation so breathe easy knowing you have the industry's best strings and cables.

ABB Platinum strings and cables have a 2-year warranty against peep twist, creep, stretch, and serving separation.

Cerakote Finish

Smoother, Sleeker, more durable finish than the industry
standard. As a specialized ceramic coating, Cerakote provides unparalleled benefits over anodizing, the industry standard. Cerakote helps to increase corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strength, and overall hardness. Used widely in the gun industry and armed forces, Cerakote has proven itself as the superior coating of choice to help keep your bow looking newer for longer.

Vibration & Noise

Doinker Dampeners – Remove the vibration. Remove the noise. Doinker dampeners vanquish vibration and noise - the less vibration there is, the less noise there is, so not only do they give your bow that dead in the hand feel but make it whisper quiet as well.



Xlite 31 | 336 fps
Xlite 33 | 338 fps

Xlite 31 | 31” +/- .250”
Xlite 33 | 33” +/- .250”

Brace Height
6.5" +/- .250”

Xlite 31 | 3.75 lbs
Xlite 33 | 3.85 lbs

50, 60, 65, 70

80% ADJ

XB1: Xlite 31 | 25.5”-30.5”
Xlite 33 | 26”-31”

DRAW LENGTH ADJUSTMENT Modular (.5” Incr) *No bow press required
Xpedition Archery




I was SHOCKED how light this bow was. Super impressed with this one, I Love The ability to change the color of my ancillary parts. Flat dark earth is Awesome!

Cole Bradley

I have been using this bow since day 1 and am extremely impressed with its performance. If you're looking for speed, accuracy, and versatility, this is it!

Darrin Marshall

Amazing bow! Crazy light and dead in hand! Pulls super easy and has such a smooth, consistent draw. The 31 and 33 are the best Xpedition bows I’ve ever shot!

Nick E.

Very impressed with the smooth draw and backstop, not to mention how light it is! This thing just feels awesome in the hand and has certainly raised my confidence level and helped improve my comfort level when it comes to yardage. I came from shooting the DLX and look forward to getting more range time with this bow.

Chris N.

The new Xlite33 is the smoothest , lightest bow I have ever shot. The new magnite composite gives me confidence that I have the strongest most durable bow on the market. Highly recommend shooting this bow.

Greg Osborne